FHBM #504: Uber Good News

Las Vegas podcast #504 includes:

  • Letterman opener
  • Uber and Lyft can return
  • Life is Beautiful announces bands
  • The Cosmopolitan is getting another bar
  • The Cromwell pool serves food
  • Monte Carlo closes its cafe
  • Skill-based slots get OK, Michele geeks out
  • Mo5aic charge too much for Bally’s show
  • For the Record: Baz sounds weird, intriguing
  • Our sponsor: Viator
  • Facebook Discussions of the Week: Vegas work trips
  • Listener calls about Bardot, Cosmo, The Cal, Riviera, Giada, Excalibur, Bazaar Meat, Mariah, China Poblano, Andiamo, Peppermill and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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One thought on “FHBM #504: Uber Good News

  1. Great podcast as usual and I enjoyed Michelle’s bit on skill based slots. But one correction: generally gaming regulations require picking bonuses to be real player choice instead of predetermined, and when values are revealed for the ones not picked, they have to be legit. So if you see a high number under one of the other choices, you actually could have won that had you picked it. There may be some jurisdictions that don’t have that rule, but most of the major ones like Vegas do. And of course any online games for fun don’t have to follow those rules and can rig whatever they want.

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