Five Hundy by Midnight 248: Down But Not Out

Las Vegas podcast #248 includes:

  • QVC opener
  • Pussycat Dolls Lounge closes
  • Hawaiian Tropic Zone closes; PBR Rock Bar coming soon
  • FAO Schwartz closes
  • Encore Beach Club/Surrender opening in May
  • An overview of our trip, including reviews of rooms at Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood and Palazzo; celebrity sightings; changes at Planet Ho; a review of the Vegas Walk of Stars induction ceremony; thoughts on Julian Serrano and Mandarin Bar; new casino game sighting: Rapid Craps; and more
  • Listener calls
  • Tim forgets (again) to mention the Celine countdown is at 380 days
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 2/28/10 (50:03 min, 46 MB)

17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 248: Down But Not Out

  1. Can’t wait to hear the post trip show, got serious Las Vegas withdrawal symptoms and hoping to enjoy Vegas vicariously through Tim and Michele. Hope you had a good trip x

  2. I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast, but I thought I’d ask you and listeners to help me decide between Wynncore, Aria and PlanetHarrahs for a gathering this fall of family and friends. We’re boring, between 35 and 60 years old and many are not (yet) gamblers. I can get $156 rooms at Wynn and rooms at Encore for $10 more, but I’m afraid that once you get there every drink and cup of coffee will cost a fortune, and this may make some of my group unhappy. Also, Wynncore is pretty far from a lot of the stuff we’ll be doing. Aria is getting mixed reviews and there are no discounts available now for the fall. P.Ho. lacks a great pool, but there is the possibility of trying to get a panoramic suite and both the location and the price for regular rooms is great. Please advise.

  3. If you are self-proclaimed “boring” people in your age category, I think the Wynncore would be the best fit for you. Wynncore is all about service, service, service, and pampering. That is our destination when I am with the wife. PHO is the destination when I am with my idiot friends. IMO Wynncore it is a more classy, and less Party atmosphere than PHO. My favorite thing to do is stay at Encore or Palazzo, and do most of my gambling at PHO.

    I have been to Aria to gamble but not have stayed there. Therefore i will not encourage or discourage that property.

    Heading back myself in 6 days. (Staying a Palazzo…comped rooms…easy decision)

    Good luck

  4. Next to the Pleasure Pit, the PussyCat dolls pit is my favorite place for BJ. (I know, it is not the best rules in town, but you have to give a little for the entertainment factor) I hope your info is correct about Caesars expanding the pit, and not closing it down along with the club.

  5. No Steel Panther? I was hoping for a review since that is on my list for April. Mostly, I want to know if I have to get advance tickets. According to the House of Blues website, they are only available at the box office…not sure how early I need to pick them up day of show.

  6. Hey Ploppy,

    If cost is an issue, especially with regards to meals, sundry items, entertainment, I wouldn’t stay at Aria or Wynn/Encore. I’d also rule out PHO based upon how boring you guys sound. And, we don’t know what Harrah’s is going to do to the excellent (but lound, and not-boring) coffe shop and buffet at Planet Harrah’s. I’d stay at Paris. It’s in the heart of the strip, the rooms are nice, the pool is great, and there are a lot of dining options on the cheap within a five minute walk. It gets high reviews from the 50+ set. You should be able to find rooms at Paris for around 90 bucks. The go-rooms at Flamingo or the rooms at Bally’s can be found even cheaper, and the location is still terrific. Easy access to Caesars, tons of rooms with Bellagio or above average strip views can be found at all three of these properties.

  7. Well done guys for putting this podcast out despite Tim having “man flu”.

    Glad to hear gambling paid for your flight upgrade and winning the El Cortez challenge.

    Looking forward to the next few episodes – sounds like lots of good content coming our way.

  8. Harrah’s is buying up the Palms debt. There goes another one!

  9. Ok peeps, heading out to LV in 4 days. Not a newbie…it’s my 20th trip, but i would consider myself a newbie at the bar/lounge scene. I do most of my drinking at the BJ tables, restaurants, and the sportsbook. and even forced a couple of club nights into my trips on recent bachelor parties. I am traveling with a Vegas Virgin and he is not much of a gambler. He want’s to hang out at cool bars (not clubs).

    Anyone want to loan me your top 3 bars and lounges? Suggestions

  10. Eric, it’s not “another one”. Harrahs is buying the Palms debt because it’s a good investment, not because they have any interest in owning that property. They are already actively looking to sell the Rio because of it’s location not fitting their strategy, so why would they want Palms, which competes for some of the same demo that P-Ho does?

  11. Bars.

    Here’s five suggestions for cool:

    5 Red Square.. It’s a bar…made of ice. ICE. Huge selection, pricey, big luxurious drinks.

    4. The Griffin..Fire, dungeon, a DJ, legendary Juke Box, Gasoline. Hipster. Seriously cool interior.

    3. The Peppermill. Old Vegas. Massive drinks.

    2. Mandarin Bar (Mandarin Oriental) jaw dropping views.

    1. Don’t be afraid to go random, bar hop. It’s vegas baby. VEGASSS.

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