Five Hundy by Midnight 315: Nakey Time

Las Vegas podcast #315 includes:

  • Rides opener
  • Photos from our August and May trips
  • Jersey Boys moves
  • Alex Stratta leaves Wynn
  • Caesars is finally opening Octavius Tower
  • Luxor has structural issues
  • VT and VG announce Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic details
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Trip report about O and Aria
  • Listener calls about bad room offers, Jet, booze, Terry Fator, Kokomos, Serendipity 3, Menopause the Musical, Sugar Factory, Love, Todd English Pub, Las Vegas Club, California, Monte Carlo Pub deal, Hash House, Titanic, Plaza, Sky Jump and more
  • London Five Hundy meetup?
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 315: Nakey Time

  1. The size of the Walgreen’s is deceiving. They’re actually incorporating it into a much larger overpass that will drape the street next to it.

  2. Don’t apologize for running long. We actually appreciate all the extra info and frankly, it’s fairly entertaining to hear drunken podcasts.

  3. Barry Manilow’s face it tighter than…
    -Michele Bachman’s anus on gay pride day
    -comps at MegaCenter
    -those freakin’ Wheel of Fortune slots that keep taking my money
    -dried bull penis for canine snacking???

  4. The human body is a beautiful thing. Anyone with an upcoming trip to vegas is super happy about the long podcast! Good work Tim AND Michelle!

  5. Finished podcast. Any chance of a second one this week ?

    Got new UK Vegas programming at the moment with a little mini-series.

    Thought you might be interested in this clip, or anything else you find on – Justin Lee Collins Living in Las Vegas

    Good to see the Amazon UK link, now we can be part of the fun!

  6. There are also big thunder from down under segments in the show mentioned above,but I’m not gonna go there.

  7. Tim,

    Never apologize for a long podcast. My commute to work is at least two hours round trip, so that show just got me through the day. Nice work!

  8. I approve of your longer drunken podcast. it just got me through part of my work day. although, i did create a scene a few times laughing in the office.

  9. As others have said, there is no need to apologize for the length of the podcast. I listen in the car and enjoy listening to you two chat. My wife and I discovered your podcast a few months ago and couldn’t believe there were other people as addicted to Vegas as we are. the feelings you describe anticipating your trips and how you feel arriving at McCarren is so familiar.

  10. Loved your longer podcast. It got me through most of my morning at work doing some filing. I work for the government so we have to do it ourselves!! Anyhow, just wanted to comment on the Binion’s pool. We have stayed at the 4 Queens quite a few times and I usually walk over to Binion’s. The pool is pretty small but it is 8 ft. deep with a diving board and there are glass walls around it on the roof. I think the view is awesome and am going to try to remember to go up there at night when I am there next time. I think probably anyone can go up there . They don’t really check keys and it is usually empty. T-time 21 days!!

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