FHBM #428: It’s a Marathon Alright

Las Vegas podcast #428 includes:

  • The Daily Show opener
  • Las Vegas Locals drink price map
  • Tropicana is expanding
  • Liberace stuff at Cosmo
  • REO Speedwagon rumored for Rocktellz and Cocktails
  • Absinthe sticks around
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show rage
  • Bally’s Windows Showroom has the worst lineup ever
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Dear Tim and Michele
  • Presidential Limo review
  • Our sponsor, Grandissimo by Dr. David Schwartz
  • Listener calls about Pizza Rock, Downtown Grand, Palazzo, jackpots, Grind Burger Bar, Eat., Luxor, Criss Angel, American Coney, Milos, Wynn, Vdara and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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4 thoughts on “FHBM #428: It’s a Marathon Alright

  1. As a 17 year veteran of going to midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I actually agree with you, Tim. The movie is horrible, but that’s not why I went. It was the weekly gathering of my freak-show friends. A time to drink, carouse, and be who we were. The drinks were strong and the girls were easy. And that’s the real reason I went. I’m not sure I would have ever gotten laid had it not been for the Rocky sluts. Good times, good times.

  2. We make a local casino run to Turtle Lake 1-2 times per year. Here’s a checklist to make the most of your local casino run:

    – Cross the border to Wisconsin
    a. Craps and roulette available
    b. Wisconsin priced drinks
    c. Stock up on fireworks on the way back

    – Stay overnight – it’s a crappy casino; might as well cap it off with a crappy room.
    a. Having a room unlocks the ability to unlimited drinking
    b. Probably get a free day old bagel in the morning

    – Go to a locals bar
    a. Turtle Lake has two bars about a mile from the casino.
    b. Buy the shot of the day for everyone in the bar. They are usually $2 per drink and there are never more than 10 people there.
    c. Order a frozen pizza and burn the inside of your mouth.

    Fun Fun Fun!

  3. Excellent episode.

    We used to go to the midnight movies regularly. For the longest time it was Pink Floyd – The Wall or Rocky Horror. The Rocky Horror “weirdos” just seemed to be trying too hard to be different. On more than one occasion friends tried to explain why it was cool. It just seemed stupid to me.

    I also agree with Michelle that Gallagher was one of the greatest magicians of our generation. How else could you explain how his act made people’s money disappear?

    Drunky Drunkerton shows are always the best.

  4. Pie. PIE! Did you head into Wisconsin to get the casino pie yet? Is it the Norske Nook pie you are craving? Mmmmmm…….pie.

    Your mention of the MN/WI area casinos was interesting. Mystic Lake has made a number of changes/renovations over the last couple of years and I actually kind of enjoy it there now. The crowd there may lean a little “criminal” (just read the crime reports in one of the SW metro weekly newspapers) but it’s clean and now has booze.

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