Five Hundy by Midnight 11: The Anniversary Show

In this week’s episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:
Michele visits the show
Behind the curtain/Just like Prince
Unofficial sponsor: The Captain
Tip of the week
Too many shoes
Vegas wedding memories/Michele recalls every details, Tim recalls few
No more Spinzles?
Memories of the first trip to Vegas
Las Vegas is Waiting by Kevin Bowe

Five Hundy By Midnight 3/5/05 (54:58 min, 25.2 MB)

3 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 11: The Anniversary Show

  1. Tim,
    Nice work again! I’ve enjoyed all of your podcasts and am looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great work keep it up! I have to say this and why-fish are my favorite podcasts. I’m heading down to vegas in a couple weeks so I look forward to your podcast every week.

    I thought your comments on vegas shuttles were right-on. I’ve only been down there once but I tell everyone that is going to never step foot on a shuttle. We didn’t realize they stop at every single fricken hotel to drop people off so if you are at the wrong end of the strip you might as well expect to sit on the shuttle for a good hour. Not to mention we had to sit on the shuttle for 20 minutes before he even left the airport to make sure every single seat was filled. I guess we were idiots for not getting off right there. heh, oh well.

  3. Good call on the Strip shuttles. However, when staying at the Rio, their shuttle to Harrah’s and the Gold Coast-Barbary Coast ones are pretty convenient.

    More Paul Westerberg! Vegas can give you a dislexic heart. “Do I love you? Do I hate you? I’ve got a dislexic heart.”

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