Five Hundy by Midnight 52: Las Vegas Strip Views

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Spike TV’s King of Vegas is boring
  • Great views of the Strip from Voodoo Lounge at Rio, Ghostbar at Palms, Top of the World and observation deck at Stratosphere, the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, Sky Lounge at Polo Towers, Foundation Room and Mix at Mandalay Bay
  • Vegas by Vegas in Flames

  • Five Hundy By Midnight 1/22/06 (33:02 min, 30.4 MB)

    13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 52: Las Vegas Strip Views

    1. Thanks for the strip viewing tips. I hope to try some of your suggestions out soon – less than 60 days for me! I always look forward to listening to a new installment of FHxM and appreciate your podcast.

      Will your March trip include another Apple store appearance?

    2. There are a few signs at the Stratosphere detailing the sites, but they’re on the inside deck, not on the outside.

      I’ve been to the Sky Lounge at the Polo Towers, and, yeah, it was dead even on a Friday at about midnight, but the view was fantastic. I walked the length of the window while taking some video with my camera.

      An advantage of the bridge at the Eiffel Tower that overlooks the casino is that you get a great view of the cocktail waitresses in those low-cut tops!

    3. Did not know about the Sky Lounge at Polo, or that the Eiffel tower was cheaper on weekdays, thanks for the tips! Great podcast as always, and thanks for reading my Paypal caveat during this episode.

    4. “She moves up, she moves back
      Out on the floor there just is no one cleaner
      She does this thing she calls the ‘Jump Back Jack’
      She’s got the heart of a ballerina”

      Made my day at work…

    5. Just heard an add for the Pruple Rain guy you guy’s were talking
      about, The act is either at the fiesta or the station casino on Rancho.
      So he did find work. The new steak house (HANKS) at green valley
      ranch – the food is good the bartenders have a heavy pour, and the
      ambience(sp) is good.

    6. Not sure if this is a new topic, but just ran across Robin Leach’s blog on Vegas called: “‘Luxe Life: Vegas – with Robin Leach”.

      Yes, it’s the same Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” ilk. If you can get past the ramblings of this TV tabloid hasbeen, you just may find some juicy info on the latest goings on in “Sin City”. If nothing else, it makes for good eye candy.

    7. The information on scenic views has impeccable timing, since I will be in Las Vegas in…6 days! Definitely quenching my thirst with a shrunken head at Voodoo Lounge, thanks for the tip. Speaking of, was that the TIP of the week?

    8. In honor of the fact that ‘King of Vegas’ is re-running right now…

      How does a podcast that features audio of the host playing penny slots go on the record as being anti-‘watching other people gamble on tv’!

      At least it’s not a show where 12 contestants compete to see who can find the best deals on footwear!

    9. Love to see the podcast back. Tim can say everything the rest of us would love to.

      King Of Vegas is a joke. Too fast paced, not enough time to get to know the players (and in any drama, you must know the players … decide if you love or hate them), and not enough time for the audience to figure out how any of the games are played. Even if you know little about poker, you can watch any of the poker shows and get a feel for the games, the players, and decide who you are rooting for. And didn’t that host I,MAX get fired from both ESPN and Fox Sports? Wayne Allen Root (who owns the show and co-hosts it) should have just hosted it himself and hired some local color guy.

      Polo Towers bar by far a top “best kept secret” in Las Vegas. From time to time, I have groups of friends in town and I can alway count on having everyone meet up there and we have the place (almost) to ourselves. And if you take care of whoever is bartending and they tend to dump half the bottle in your glass.

      Ghostbar is nothing like Voodoo. I prefer Voodoo, but 30 (age) is the split. If you are under 30, spend the time (or buy a line pass) to go to Ghostbar. It is the ultra of the Ultra Lounges … with the view to kill for. However, to just enjoy drinks and the view, or take a date … Voodoo can’t be matched for the view.

      Strat all day pass is something like $25 which includes the ride up and all the rides. My personal best? Had a night where I just needed to blow off steam, so I bought the “all day” pass, had some drinks in the bar, then went on the Big Shot 10 straight times. Off and right back on. (You actually have to get off, go out, down, around, and in line to get back on). But I did it on a summer weekday and there was virtually no line. So this only took about 45 minutes for all 10 rides.

      Why do it that many times? The first couple of times, you have to get used to the “thrill” and the height and being weightless at the top. After that, you are used to it, and can just relax and enjoy every aspect of it. Kind of like in one of the first seasons of of CSI Las Vegas where one of the characters paid the NY NY ride guy to just let him go on the coaster time and time and time again.

      The Boardwalk had an auction for everything a few days ago. I have no clue who actually bought the clown. The fake roller coaster was also up for bid. I’m guessing it will die with the property.

      I actually have King Of Vegas on right now (west coast time) and it still sucks.

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