Five Hundy by Midnight 53: News Notes

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • New Frontier plans
  • Imperial Palace accepts reservations until at least July 2007
  • GM test track at Sahara
  • MDA telethon returns to Las Vegas
  • Oceans 13-D?
  • Boardwalk closing info
  • Purple Reign relocates
  • Time magazine discusses the condo bust
  • Aladdin-Planet Hollywood breaks ground on its condo tower
  • Strat observation deck on the cheap
  • Your Dice Won’t Pass by Edison Rocket Train

  • >Five Hundy By Midnight 1/28/06 (27:30 min, 25.3 MB)

    11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 53: News Notes

    1. Great show as always. Favorite new expression: “Seems a little spendy to me” (Michele talking about the GM test track).
      27 days and counting…

    2. Journey? Michele, you disappoint me sometimes.

      The return of Pinata Massengill!

      And please tell us about the monkey ball…

      21 days for me.

    3. “seems a little spendy to me” i thought she was refering to……………shoes!!

    4. Tim, have you seen Prince locally a lot?

      Does he do surprise shows?

      Great show.


    5. We’ve seen Prince 30+ times. He no longer spends much time in Minneapolis, so surprise shows don’t happen much these days. In the mid-1990s, he performed many surprise shows at his recording studio. They usually began around 2 a.m. or later, and every show was different. News of many of them were word-of-mouth or announced just a couple hours ahead of time on a small, community radio station. And even then, it wasn’t a sure thing he would perform—sometimes we’d get there and it would be a party with no live performance. We saw him play some unbelievable shows with as few as 50 people in the room. Many good memories.

    6. Cool.

      I think he lives in Toronto now, so I was interested in your comment.

      Thanks for the quick reply.


    7. I made my first trip to Vegas in probably about 93 or 94. Our first night there, we were sitting in a lounge at Excalibur about as drunk as we could be around 2am, when this band took the stage and did the most amazing impersonation of Prince. I imagine that had to be Purple Reign, I can’t believe they are still around. I am wheels up for Vegas this coming Saturday, I am definitely going to check them out again this trip.

    8. I played your deep fried twinkie clip for a friend this weekend. We both were rolling in the floor. It gets funnier everytime I hear it. He is now a subscriber to your podcast.

      We might have to sample one this year – just seven weeks till we leave the wives and kids for our annual Vegas trip.

      Thanks for the fun shows. Keep them coming…..

    9. Your idea for a drunk driving simulator is great. It has the potential to be both educational and fun. I’m not ready to invest yet… I’m holding out to hear your million dollar ideas about monkey balls!

    10. I have not had a chance to listen yet, but I did check out the link from Time about the Condo market in Las Vegas. To elaborate further, there was also an article in the NY Times the other day about the condo market in Vegas. It details some people who are suing for lost appreciation they claim they would have realized if the condos were built…
      try this link:

      I wonder if this means we can be looking for some strip condo bargains in the near future??

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