Five Hundy by Midnight 167: Slightly Better Than Nothing

Las Vegas podcast #167 includes:

  • The Grand opener
  • Aria
  • The Time
  • Listener calls
  • Soundseeing tour of The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/23/08 (28:25 min, 26.2 MB)

29 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 167: Slightly Better Than Nothing

  1. I am up packing for my trip to Las Vegas tomorrow. This is certainly better than nothing. Thanks for the show and have a good time.

  2. I had biscuits and gravy at the Hash House A Go Go which would have fed the world.

    Enjoy AC


  3. I’m sorry but the caller who complained about the shrimp cocktail at the Spice Market Buffet is sorely mistaken!

  4. Listeners should not feel sorry for Pete Rose. Call his speech manager and you will find that he gets $10,000 to $20,000 for a 1 hour speech.

  5. Mmmmm, nothing better than a gravytini served with a stick of butter on the side…


  6. That’s okay about the name – I kinda liked the sound of Tess!

    Hope you do the Qua – which i guess is latin for either “here” or “now” They’ve got some good “hair of the dog” treatments, for the morning-after a night when the quantity of seafood has been a little too much for Michelle…

  7. Back in the old days we played a variation of Troy’s game called, “Name That Bush”. The categories:
    Jungle Fever
    Bermuda Triangle
    Landing Strip
    Bald Eagle

    I wonder what Riley’s review was of the movie “Mars Attacks”?
    O-Qua Tangin Wann!!!

  8. Thanks Ken – I believe you have to eat at least one garbage plate annually to maintain your citizenship.

    I usually get mine during the Lilac Festival, but I missed this year – I was in Vegas eating shrimp.

    Guess I will have to get myself over to West Main, or leave town!

    Jayne – I got the Sand and Foam vichy shower treatment at Qua. It was $155, and worth every.single.penny. It is the best thing I have ever done at a spa – better than a massage, better than a stone massage event. It’s been almost two weeks, and I can still feel a difference in my skin. Plus it smelled and felt really good – it was ultimate pampering!

  9. Ken???? I meant Bill! Sorry, I know what city I am in, just don’t know who I am talking to!

  10. I have to agree about the P-HO buffet. I heard so much about it, but I was pretty underwhelmed for breakfast. It was OK, but I’d hope it isn’t really one of the best in the city. Of course I can’t really complain because we had a coupon for it from staying there…I’d do the freebie again, but I can’t say I’d pay for it.

    Paris was even more disappointing. A few years back we had the breakfast buffet and loved it, but this last trip it was way worse. Less selection and the quality of things dropped a ton – fruit was mostly things out of a can like peaches in syrup (and they had the nerve to call it “sautéed peaches) and other things on the level of a school cafeteria.

  11. Moon: I said the shrimp was shrimpy at the Spice Market Buffet and I was not mistaken because I was the one actually there eating them. And I have eaten the shrimp at the Golden Gate and they were better. If they were bigger and better when you were there, I am happy for you.

    And I wouldn’t go back for free. Life is too short to eat disappointing food on purpose.

  12. Strange. Ok we dont eat shrimp ( or up early enough for a breakfast meal )but always took the Spice Market Buffet as one of the best in Vegas. In fact that and Main Street Station are the two Buffets we always go to each trip. Feb was the last time we ate there. Surely it could not have gone downhill so fast in three months ?

    Saying that, I am having a hard time at the moment trying to divert my mind away from Grand Lux’s Chicken Pot Pie.

  13. My last Spice Market buffet was late Feb and it was horrible. The shrimp were better than GG. Thats no saying much. I guess they have good and bad days. Too pricy for me to risk again.

    Intresting that Spice Market and Main Street are the two favs of Darran. Never see them together as top two. To each their own.

  14. Must be that peculiar English taste !

    Rio would be up there but its too out of the way.

    Wynn – nice as it is if we are going to spend that much on a Buffet prefer to go to a restaurant.
    Have a small appetite so cant warrant paying that much for one plate of food.

    Main Street – exceptional value for money.

  15. I listened to the show last night and have been wondering about the cliff hanger that Michele left us with…does the gondelier know “Cherry Pie” by Warrant?

    The Gondeliers of Rock?

  16. I haven’t had chance to listen to the show yet so there may be a drunk dial – but Mike from Roseville where’s the trip report?

  17. I’m not good at the trip reports.

    It was a great trip. We stayed in the Mirage Penthouse Suite, which I highly recommend. Our suite was on the 29th floor with a pool view, but we could see straight down the strip including the Bellagio fountains.

    Ate at Mesa Grill which was very good. Also had lunch at Mario Batali’s resturant at Venetian and another day ate at the P Ho Buffet….good as always.

    No big wins, but got some small pots.

    It was an excellent trip! Thanks for asking Lou!

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