24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 168: Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City

  1. Not trying to be annoying/critical with a small correction. I think Tim that you meant to say that the Hard Rock has been rumored to hire strippers for their pool from Club Paradise? That’s the place across the street from the Hard Rock, not OG.

    Not that I…. or….. (*panic*)

  2. Hey Tim!

    I will be probably in Las Vegas on August 15 to celebrate my birthday. Let me know if you want to go to Moorea. I might be able to get you and Michelle in.


  3. Hello Everyone,

    Five Hundy by Midnight is one of the choices in a poll I ran across at http://www.thestrippodcast.com/
    It’s on the opening page on the right hand side.
    Even if you don’t want to vote you can click on “current results” to see who is winning.
    The poll is about the best, coolest name of a Vegas related entity.
    It’s worth looking at just to see the great names that are in the running.
    If you want to check it out you can get there from this page by clicking on “The Strip” under Friends of Five Hundy (bottom right on this page)

  4. Love the Bruce reference in the title. Did you get to enjoy any other AC/Springsteen moments?

  5. Thanks for the correction, Chris.

    Mark: We were enjoying some Springsteen on the jukebox at The Irish Pub until some douche lined up a bunch of crappy country songs and began loudly ripping on Bruce. Rather than get liquored up and start a bar brawl, we decided it was time to go.

  6. Michele’s explanation of why Atlantic City has such variable quality of waitressing made my brain hurt. Great episode though!

  7. Wanted to let you know of a couple things

    1. (Tim stick with this) No sales tax on clothes or shoes in NJ
    2. One of the reasons odds and lounges are so good are because of the competition. In a hour radius of Philadelphia you have about 5 or 6 casinos other than the ones in AC. 3 or 4 in PA and 1 or 2 in DE. Most of those are attached to horse tracks. The main difference is that the table games are the virtual table. The casinos in AC are finding that people are staying closer to home (i.e. Philadelphia) than pay for gas and tolls. (Tolls alone will cost $8.00 to $10.00 bucks from Philly. More from NY.)

    I may think of more later.

    Jay in NJ

  8. Nice show. In general, was is cheaper to stay, eat, and drink in AC than in Vegas?

  9. I don’t know about Tim and Michele’s experience but when I was planning a recent trip, I looked at AC since I’m just a 3ish-hour drive from there. The prices were way higher than Vegas. So I’m using my free SW flight to head west this time.

  10. We used frequent flyer miles for the flight and had three out of four nights comped based on previous Total Rewards play. The fourth night, however, was more than $300. Drinking was somewhat similar to Vegas… hotel bars are expensive but cheap options can be found (The Irish Pub and Game On, for example).

  11. I live in the midwest and casinos in Indiana and Michigan are about $300/night too. As bad as Vegas prices can get, it could be worse. I think you get a better quality in Vegas too for the same dollar.

  12. Darn you Dressen. Hopes were built up of another mid week podcast!!!

    Oh well, VH1 have a Prince at 50 ( 50 ??!?? ) marathon on I guess.

  13. It’s kind of surprising to hear that the room rates would be so steep in Atlantic City although Memorial Day really is the start of summer back East and people are pretty eager to be at a beach by then and Atlantic City beaches aren’t bad at all.

    The properties themselves are still kind of dumpy, although I was at the mega-dump Sands, which has since been imploded. It was practically a hooker convention there agter 1:00 a – – definitely a downmarket crowd.

  14. Just got around to listing to this podcast .. I’m so glad you got to White House Subs .. it’s one of my favorite places. And you’re right .. their bread is the key. Those pics on the wall aren’t fake either. Story goes Frank Sinatra would have Subs (ie, Hoagies) flown to him in Vegas. Bill Cosby too I think.

    Anyway .. great stuff .. damn .. now I’m hungry.


  15. Event the foul / disgusting rooms at the Tropicana in AC go for $400+ on weekends. Hotels in AC are a total rip off. i usually stay at a holiday inn or something like that….

    Tim/Michelle – Did either of you notice the scent of bacon permeating the ENTIRE boardwalk memorial day weekend??? i went for a jog early sunday morning from the Trop end down to the Taj end and was bombarded by one joint after another frying up what must have been pounds and pounds of bacon!!!!

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