Five Hundy by Midnight 169: Dads and Grads

Las Vegas podcast #169 includes:

  • Timon and Pumbaa opener
  • Short strike at CityCenter
  • Apple Store at The Crystals
  • No Celtics playoff bets at Harrah’s properties
  • Contest: Send your top way to beat the summer heat in Las Vegas to by June 22. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address for a chance to win AMC movie passes.
  • Listener calls: Las Vegas restaurant reviews, Flamingo Go Rooms, discounts for military members, Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, MGM Grand, Palazzo rooms, Planet Hollywood, King Kong slot machines, poker, Binion’s steakhouse, Barbary Coast’s poker room, Jersey Boys, Mirage, New York New York, theft rumor, CityCenter, Flight at Luxor, Rio waitresses, Southpoint, Golden Nugget, Venetian, Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Riley Martin and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 169: Dads and Grads

  1. Apropos of nothing, your non-sequitur of the day: just watched the premiere of this season’s Last Comic Standing, and damned if costumed “Alien Warrrior Comic from Seteri 4” didn’t sound a little too familiar… dawned on me that it’s the same guy who plays ChuroQ, the most prevalent Klingon in Las Vegas Hilton’s Star Trek Experience/Quark’s Bar. He’s got a MySpace profile here: if you’d like to see more clips of his stand-up.

    I apologize if I’m the only Star Trek geek to whom this interests…


    PS — Great podcast Tim & Michele, as per the norm

  2. I’m pretty much an Apple nut myself, whereever I travel I always have to stop in at the nearest Apple Store – they are usually worth checking out and comparing. Lot’s of good Apple-y news in LV recently with the word that Fountainebleau ( also I just read Cosmopolitan ) will have iMacs and new Apple stores on the strip.

  3. Sorry it is the Hard Rock casino which is affiliated with the Hollywood one in South Florida (nit Vegas). BTW you can use your club cards at both locations.


  4. The only bad thing about 90 minute podcasts is that my commute is only an hour and I have to wait until this afternoon to hear the rest.

    I am on FHBM overload because I have decided to go back and listen from the start to keep me from losing my mind between now and 7/27 when I leave for Vegas. I think I am up to episode 12.

  5. Brian,

    I put myself through school working as a Security Guard at Paris Las Vegas and can tell you from sources that I have still working at Paris (called my old boss) that the Million Dollar Display is still 100% in tact!

    The idea of someone throwing a brick through that is insane, the display is made of 1.5″ thick high tensile acrylic (same stuff Shamu’s tank is made of) and I have seen guys take baseball bats and repeatedly beat on that display and not even leave more than a few scuff marks.

    Just thought I would let you know…. Love the show!

  6. Black hills Boozehound…..
    Your not the only Trekker here. Thanks for the info.

  7. MGM Grand Stalls – sure there was a picture of George Michael in one of the gents stalls.

    At least I thought it was a picture.

  8. Tim-

    Hands down the best place for an anniversary dinner is the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris Hotel.

    Other options would be:

    Olive’s at Bellagio
    Mix at The Hotel

    All have great views and great food.


  9. I was really curious about the alleged million dollar theft. Thanks for the post deucegraphics.

  10. Ken
    Thanks for the couple of ideas for my 20th. I’ll look into those spots, I have to say that the wife and I don’t normally go UPSCALE when we make our trips to Vegas. So the input in much appreciated.


  11. I’ll stand by my source. I walked by the million $ display the next day. Didn’t see it. Sorta hard to miss. A lot of Vegas news isn’t reported for obvious reasons.

  12. As for why its so cold in casinos. We can sell slot machines into the home market in Virginia. I have 6 of them in my showroom. The florescent light fixtures on the front doors and tops generate a lot of heat. You could reheat a sandwich on the front of a slot machine. Without a lot of air conditioning those slots would make the casino feel like a sauna.

  13. Does troy have too much time on his hands? I think all he does is call Las Vegas Podcasts. Its a full time job!… LOL

  14. Hi! Downtown Bob here! Anyway, thanks for producing a great show, I’ve been listening to your podcast-thing for about a year now, and enjoy each show more than the last. You two really bring across what the Las Vegas experience is all about, even if you aren’t downtown-focused (well, maybe I’m lucky that you aren’t… gives me a bit of a niche).

    Anyway, I was listening to this (#169) podcast, and couldn’t help but pipe up about Tim’s statement that the bingo/lottery based games that one finds at many native casinos are class III machines. Those you refer to are actually Class II – the ones you find in our beloved Vegas casinos, with the real-live independent as-random-as-it-gets number generators in ’em are the Class III machines.

    Anyway, sorry for nit-picking, just thought I’d mention that. Thanks again for a fantastic set of podcasts! Maybe I’ll call in soon – I’ve thought about it many times and haven’t done it. I might just have run down to Fremont, throw some dice around, throw back a few beers, and deliver a good old-fashioned drunk dial for ya… Downtown style.

    Thanks again!

    – ‘Downtown’ Bob

  15. yo Bill from Austin: If you don’t mind spending the extra money for the dinner, I had a local friend hit Restaurant Charlies at Palazzo and she was majorly impressed. They basically ask for whatever dietary restrictions/allergies you have and prepare a meal around it. My friend is a vegetarian and she was massively impressed with the 4 course meal she had with her date. FYI this is the second (running) restaurant run by Charlie Trotter who has a namesake restaurant in Chicago for 20+ years. He was interviewed by Steve&Miles earlier this year if you want to hear from the guy himself. One more point, I believe they have a chef’s table available and the meal starts at $250/person which seems like a lot (even without wine which will probably set you back another $150 or so a person depending on what you decide on) but it should be an amazing meal.

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