Five Hundy by Midnight 322: ProstiTootie

Las Vegas podcast #322 includes:

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 322: ProstiTootie

  1. The option to have a dining companion at Oscar’s reminds me of Hostess Clubs in Japan. (To clarify, I never been to one, I just remember hearing of them a few years ago.)

    Basically they are clubs where you have a lady to chat with, and she’ll light up your smokes and pour you drinks. I guess it’s sort of like having your own personal bartender that sits at your table or booth. (There are host clubs as well for the ladies.)

    “Your own personal bartender” reminds me of Depeche Mode, as did Michelle’s comment “Did you reach out and touch them?”

  2. The women in those hostess clubs in Japan are modern day geishas. They usually tell jokes and stories, too.

    Anyway, the call about Encore room and suite tours, that’s a common practice. Aria and Bellagio do tours every day at 2pm. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not sure of other properties though.

  3. What did Tim say those odds were on the Cardinals winning ticket? 999 to 1? Or even 99 to 1? I’m not buying it – even the Mariners were 100:1 before the season, and I think the Cardinals were slightly more thought of than the Mariners. I think the cards were like 20:1 or so prior to the season, depending upon the casino. Still a nice win. But it’s rare to see any team get odds much above 100:1 no matter how lowly.

  4. In a related story, there is an opening for an oddsmaker at the MGM Grand….

  5. W/r/t eligibility for the Cosmo $100 thing, when I was there in Sept I was given the choice of either the wheel spin or the $100 rebate deal, but the person at the Identity booth confessed that I could actually do both but needed to wait until the next day before I would be eligible for the rebate. So I did the wheel, got a free buffet, and then came back the following day to start losing my hundy.

  6. 38 days and 9 hours… First time staying at Bally’s. Looking forward to drinking, gambling, and laughing. I love Vegas

  7. Kinda hate to admit I remember this, but I think Dana Plato died of a drug overdose in a motor home in Moore Oklahoma. I recall the local TV stations teased the story with “TV legend DIES in the Metro-story at 10!”

    Moore is a working class suburb of Oklahoma City. Famous for being the hometown of country music SuperStar Tody Keith. At least that’s what it says on the towns water tower.

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