Five Hundy by Midnight #379: Trippies Nominations Galore

Our friends at VegasTripping announced the 2013 Trippies nominations today. We are truly honored and humbled by the number of categories in which you nominated us:

  • Best Las Vegas Podcast: Five Hundy by Midnight (eligible again this year after last year’s Hall of Fame induction).
  • Best Tweeters: @anitamartini and @fivehundy. Wow. We didn’t expect to be included in this category.
  • Best Las Vegas Website: Have you heard of it? I may have mentioned it on the podcast once or twice.
  • Best Community: The Five Hundy Facebook Group. This one is all about you guys and the great vibe you’ve created. Whether or not you vote for us in any other categories, this one means the most to us because it’s all about you. So vote for yourself.

Thank you for the nominations and congratulations to the other nominees. Voting is open now through Dec. 11.

Here’s a short bonus podcast where we shill for votes and thank all the beautiful people…

Five Hundy By Midnight 12/4/12 21:01 min, 21.9 MB)

2 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #379: Trippies Nominations Galore

  1. Shill Cast…Michele was on FIRE tonight…this should win a special Trippie for shill-casting!!

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