FHBM #399: Reopening the Wound

Las Vegas podcast #399 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 4/14/13 91:55 min, 86.8 MB)

13 thoughts on “FHBM #399: Reopening the Wound

  1. Conversation after this week’s show…

    Michele: Wow. Next week is #400. What are we going to do?
    Me: Put in less effort than every other week.

  2. Just got back from Vegas and make sure when you jump in a cap to tell them take CITY STREETS, jumped in a cab at the air port and the guy took us under the tunnel and onto the freeway to get to the flamingo. Took forever sitting in rush hour traffic on the freeway and on las vegas Blvd. Taxi ride was over 30 bucks, I called him out on it during the middle of the trip and he acted suprised he got called out and just said Traffic.. HA. Anyway other taxi drivers the rest of the trip told us to ask for CITY STREETS coming to and from the airport that way they dont rip you off.

  3. I know the money question is uncomfortable, but it is something that can be very useful. Rather than talking about it in terms of gross dollars or percent of annual income that you take, it should be a discussion of bankroll management. For example, how much of a bankroll should a person plan to have if they want to focus play on $1 video poker for max credits? Do you ever downshift to .50 if gambling is going poorly?

    That said, I certainly don’t expect the show to give me gambling lessons…

  4. I wanted to mention here (for anyone that didn’t see the feed on the Facebook fan page) how fantastic Scott Roeben was in relation to the social media discussion that was part of this week’s podcast. He gave great insight and maintained a fantastic sense of humor.

    Always love the podcast and this episode in particular had me reminiscing about our meetup on Freemont about a year ago where we got to hear that wild cat get skinned alive/Vince Neil warm up. Who/whatever made that sound, it hurt my feelings. Hopefully we’ll see you there again soon.

  5. JB: I agree that bankroll management is absolutely a worthy topic. Perhaps we’ll dedicate a bit more time to that on an upcoming show. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I didn’t really get that the caller was looking for that discussion. He was pretty specific in asking about what percentage of our income we take to Vegas. I fail to see any benefit in discussing it—either for us or for listeners, so I have no problem punting on that question.

  6. Absolutely, Meredith. Scott is quite insightful about corporate social media. The guy knows his shit.

    I was recently looking for a photo and came across the picture of you, Chris, Michele and me. It made me smile. I too hope we get to repeat that afternoon soon.

  7. 15 days and counting…can’t wait for secret pizza. I have Flamingo booked with a $100 good comp as well as Cosmo with a $100 gambling comp. We are staying at Ny Ny for our annual golf trip. Thanks for all you guys do!

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  9. Figured the picnic would be at the D based on the massive amount of verbal fellatio given to that dump by Tim. Smart marketing by Derek – give a few free rooms and the podcasts and blogs will slurp you like crazy. Sellouts.

  10. So I guess that’s an RSVP of “no” for Brian. He will be missed.

    For the record, we’ve never received a comped room as a result of the podcast.

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