FHBM #400: A Festival of Mediocrity

Las Vegas podcast #400 includes:

  • Texas Women opener
  • VIMFP location announcement
  • MGM announces The Park
  • Monte Carlo drops the Big Belly
  • Plaza adds a comedy club
  • Ian Ziering hosts Chippendales show
  • Fremont Street Experience announces some concerts, Tim likes Everclear
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Steve Wynn impersonation contest winner
  • Listener calls about The Quad, Lake Las Vegas, MGM Grand restrooms, Monte Carlo and other Las Vegas stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 4/21/13 67:56 min, 64.9 MB)

3 thoughts on “FHBM #400: A Festival of Mediocrity

  1. First!

    Michelle and Tim:

    Congratulations and cheers to 4/5ths on way to FiveHundy.

  2. Steak ‘n Shake is the one at South Point. It’s indeed mediocre.

    Shake Shack is supposed to be MUCH better. (based in NY I think?)

    Congrats on 400!

  3. Thanks Ed, for the kind words.

    Thanks Dax for the correction. I’ll mention that on the next show. That’s what I get for commenting on something not in my notes. Never fails.

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