FHBM #401: It Dangles

Las Vegas podcast #401 includes:

  • The Monkees opener
  • VIMFP room discount code announcement
  • Audit shows the cost of long-hauling
  • Bally’s adds new show, Veronic Voices
  • Still waiting for Britney announcement, Marshall Sylver plans change
  • New Vegas TV show: Model Employee
  • Gold Spike is reopening, sort of
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Dear Tim and Michele
  • Listener calls about The Quad, Circus Circus, El Cortez, Cannery, Planet Hollywood, video poker, Rio and other Las Vegas stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 4/28/13 71:16 min, 67.9 MB)

3 thoughts on “FHBM #401: It Dangles

  1. This page is disappointingly devoid of any models or bewbs. Your call to action fell on bitchy deaf model ears.

  2. Been listening back through the podcasts since reading the Today in Las Vegas article. I’m pretty sure the idea for Downtown Project and the Gold Spike is to create a neighborhood bar/restaurant. Unlike the Strip, recent downtown development over the past few years has been a local effort, not necessarily aimed at tourists.

    One of the complaints about living in Vegas as i understand it is that they’ve never had a traditional downtown or urban neighborhood like other cities have. Most of the stand-alone bars like those in East Fremont and perhaps even Downtown 3rd seem to be aimed at people who live there and visitors are a bonus. So with a development like the Downtown project and the jobs generated from something like Zappos the idea is that a lot of people will be working and many perhaps living downtown and there needs to be non-gaming, non-attractions for them to spend their leisure time/money. This is also why the Smith center is such a big deal for downtown Las Vegas, but for residents – not tourists.

    I realize the target for your podcast is tourists/visitors. Some of your listeners who just go to Vegas for the spectacle or to gamble, eat well, and/or stay in nice places for less $$ than you spend elsewhere (like my wife & I) might not understand the nature and scope of development around Fremont. It also might not be apparent that it is primarily for urban renewal/revitalization and not related to tourism.

    So just throwing in another point of view. Enjoying your show and glad I found it.

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