FHBM #402: Tainted Dates and Croissant Rage

Las Vegas podcast #402 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/5/13 71:16 min, 67.9 MB)

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  1. re the startup of online poker in Nevada. Ultimate Poker allows you to play as long as you are in Nevada, resident or non-resident alike. Deposits can be made online or at a Station casino. The catch is you must have a cell phone and through the cell phone they verify that you are in Nevada.

  2. A little bit more info about cell phone verification on Ultimate Poker. from the site.

    Player Location Security

    Nevada interactive gaming regulations and federal law require a player to be within Nevada when they enter the real money action at Ultimate Poker. When a real money user logs into the client they will receive a notification through their cell phone. The tower that locates the user’s cell phone location will report this back to the site’s security department. Once it is verified that a user is located within Nevada, they will be allowed to play. This process takes only a few seconds.

    The process also requires that a player possess a cell phone. A land line does not appear to be sufficient.

    Verizon Mobile has yet to participate in this verification system. Until they do, Verizon customers will not be able to play at Ultimate Poker. Other CDMA carriers are accepted, including Sprint, Virgin and T- Mobile.

  3. Thanks for the info. So the key to scamming the system (after the initial fund deposit) is having a friend in Nevada with a cell phone.

  4. Having listened for several months now, I was beginning to think Tim & I were long-lost brothers due to how like-minded we are on various topics. BUT THEN, the double diss on French Toast and croissants within seconds of each other swiftly smashed the illusion. Wonder Bread toast over French Toast? Suddenly all your opinions are invalid, sir.

    Aw well, another great show anyway.

  5. French Toast and croissants aren’t bad unless there are any other options available. That’s all I’m saying.

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