FHBM #409: Taking a Ride on the Polercoaster

Las Vegas podcast #409 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 6/23/13 60:07 min, 57.7 MB)

4 thoughts on “FHBM #409: Taking a Ride on the Polercoaster

  1. Pete here, aka @145tech on Twitter:

    Really enjoyed the comments of Gordon from Illinois: His experiences at The D and how he relates them is the BEST advertisement The D could ever have! Imagine being a slot player that is actually acknowledged by a casino host! I listened and came away with an intense desire to stay at The D, I’m so glad the VIMFP is taking place there!

  2. I think the reason Navengante keeps getting is hired is that they are a licensed gaming operator. So they can instantly come in to a casino that doesn’t have a licensed owner (such as every one mentioned in this episode that Navengante has operated the gaming for) and take wagers.

  3. The Polercoaster seems more about the advertising space, than the actual coaster.

  4. Quick thanks re Viator. Just came back from Hawaii and did the Arizona/Missouri. I was concerned about the first-come-first-served aspect so I did some googling, and saw a tour on Viator that allowed you to bypass the lines and also have a tour guide. It was great and we had no worries about the regular tix selling out, which they did at 8am. It’s only because of the podcast that I learned of Viator and knew they could be trusted.

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