FHBM #508: When Wonka Slots Attack

Las Vegas podcast #508 includes:

  • Top Chef opener
  • New Frontier project confirmed to be Alon
  • Changes and rumors abound for Monte Carlo
  • Our sponsor: Viator
  • A complete wrap-up of our latest Vegas vacation, including reports on Bally’s, Elvis: The Experience, The Perch, The Commissary, The Roof, Seersucker, Le Central Bar, Off the Strip, Blue Ribbon, Cosmo bars, Wonka slots and other assorted Las Vegas stuff
  • Facebook Discussions of the Week: Treasure Island needs an editor
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “FHBM #508: When Wonka Slots Attack

  1. How many different types of Wonka slots are there? Trying to figure out which one you were talking about on podcast, they Sounded liked fun. My wife and I were in Vegas the same week and had NO luck on any Wonka slots or for that matter any slot!

  2. I heard two statements within a few minutes of each other, to the effect that:

    • Local review boards are “bullshit,” because they don’t let casino projects just be rubber-stamped.

    • You don’t trust casino executives to tell the truth.

    I promise you that when a non-truthy casino tries to put in some mega-project next to your house, you’ll either be crying about the lack of a citizen review process, or working the review boards for all they’re worth.

  3. Thanks for the info and link Tim! We missed theses completely. I would have loved these since I like three reel games. I heard on the podcast that you were in Aria. Did you play these at Aria? I stayed there, maybe I just missed them.

  4. Lucky you. At the same time, it never happens until it happens.

    These developments are obviously going in next to other people’s houses, businesses, schools and so on. The bullshit planning commissions, town councils and so on – i.s., democracy – is all that stands between these folks and the untrustworthy execs’ big plans.

  5. Perhaps you’d care to elaborate on the wise, well-considered and entirely consistent FHBM position that citizen review of projects proposed by untrustworthy casino executives is “bullshit.”

  6. My point was simply that I question the need for three levels of bureaucracy (town board, planning commission, county commissioners)… not that they should be allowed to do whatever they want with no approval.

  7. Thanks for the Seersucker and Off The Strip reviews. I may hit one or both on my next trip.

    I wanted to mention that it looks like it looks like they do have smaller salads, but only during happy hour.

  8. Of course you need all those layers of bureaucracy. They are buffers against rapacious development to protect average citizens.

    1. Planning commissions are generally unelected specialists in land use planning. They process matters that may not be of sufficient stature for the city council.

    Do you really want the city council to have nine-hour meetings to rule on every conditional use permit and landscaping issue? No.

    2. The city council is elected. Planning commission rulings can be appealed to them. You do want elected local leaders and an appeals process, don’t you?

    3. The county-level bodies have to ensure that any local developments integrate into the larger picture. For example, will there be enough water and sewer resources for any new development? Where will the waste go? Where will the employees live? What roads will they use to get to and from work?

    All of these bodies, their regulatory schemes and what you disparage as “bureaucracy” all came into being because of reckless development and environmental abuse. You know Vegas well; I’m sure you’re aware of crap developments, including ones that slipped through all this bureaucracy.

    So as far as local democracy being “bullshit,” that’s the kind of flip anti-establishment remark that sells well in a podcast but has no relationship to the real world.

  9. You’re right. You’re right about everything. Obviously, that’s what you need to hear. So congratulations. You’re king of the internet.

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