Five Hundy by Midnight 307: What About the Jade and Ivory Antiquities?

Las Vegas podcast #307 includes:

  • Nightline opener
  • The Strip gets violent
  • Matsuri closes
  • Caesars announces Nobu Tower timeline
  • Plaza announces Hash House
  • TI closes Khotan
  • Serendipity 3 offers breakfast
  • Lakeside Grill takes on Red Lobster
  • Our sponsor, Viator offers exclusive member deals
  • Listener calls about Munchbar, Stratta, Shibuya, Delmonico, fireworks, Vesper, Absinthe, Cosmopolitan, Red 8, Michael Mina, Wicked Spoon, Flightlinz, Book and Stage, Holsteins, Palazzo, Fusion, Dos Caminos, Jersey Boys, Earl of Sandwich, Celine Dion, Golden Gate blackjack and much more
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7 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 307: What About the Jade and Ivory Antiquities?

  1. We had a couple minor technical issues this week, so the first couple seconds of the show got cutoff. The audio levels are a little wonky too. Sorry about that.

  2. I don’t know how the hot chocolate french toast would be. I tried the Snickers pancakes at Hash House, and it was just too rich. And this is coming from a candy addict and a man who loves french toasted cinnamon rolls.

    I’ve been to Vegas twice on the 4th of July; on my first trip, and last summer. I highly recommend it, it was a blast both times. In fact, I was planning on going again for the 4th this year, but I ended up going in March for The Strokes concert instead.

    I was amused that one of the callers implied that people in Pittsburgh don’t know what truffles are. I also appreciated his suggestion of the BBQ dish at Red 8, and the Lobster Salad at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon.

    12 days until my next trip. I can’t wait to check out Insert Coin(s) and Dupar’s (just for the pie.) I want to try the “I :Heart: Bacon Burger” at “I :Heart: Burgers” as well. And maybe I’ll actually eat at Holsteins this time instead of just drinking there.

    I’ll be taking advantage of the $100 credit at Cosmo, so thank you everyone for the tip. (Hopefully the offer is still good in two weeks.)

  3. Quick heads up –

    The Taste of Wynn menus are back for the summer. Looks like the Wynncore web site put them up less than a week ago.

    Every signature restaurant in the building is included – only La Cave, Tableau, and the more casual spots are missing from the list.

  4. As someone who lives in Pittsburgh for 9 years of my life I caught John from Cleveland’s truffle joke and thought “Yinz want fries n’at”.

  5. There used to be pizza shop down the street called “Pizza N’at.” They were pretty good, but they closed, probably because my town was over-saturated with pizza joints, sort of like Vegas is over-saturated with “gourmet” burger places.

  6. My husband and I were there June 27-July 7. What a weird 10 days. The weather started out good, but then turned cloudy and rained and there was a pretty impressive lightning storm. We had no idea there would be so many people there with small kids. They were EVERYWHERE at all hours of the day and late night/early morning. What is wrong with people? What kid in a stroller wants to be dragged around Vegas? This was our 10th trip there and we have never seen it so crowded. Next time we go, it’ll be during a time when most of the under 18 crowd will hopefully be in school.

  7. @Gilby, I’d skip “I :Heart: Burgers”. It was ‘meh’. Not good, but not bad.

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