FHBM #423: I’m So Glad You Guys Are Here

Las Vegas podcast #423 includes:

  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air opener
  • VIMFP anxiety update
  • This kid rules
  • Downtown Grand opens on 11/12/13
  • Derek Stevens buys county courthouse
  • Krave Massive and Drink & Drag shut down
  • Plaza builds Bier Garten
  • Flamingo extends Donny and Marie
  • Mob Attraction closes on Nov. 3
  • Goodbye Goretorium
  • Our sponsor, Viator offers VIMFP discount through October: discount code VIMFP10
  • Our sponsor, VegasMate’s new pricing structure
  • Now available: Grandissimo
  • Listener calls about Spiderman slots, The Quad, Harrah’s, Ice Pan, Meat Loaf, Dancing Queen, Lilies and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 10/6/13 56:12 min, 54.1 MB)

One thought on “FHBM #423: I’m So Glad You Guys Are Here

  1. As usual, Scott was being…..Scott. Gotta love him for who he is.

    I saw Meatloaf at Rocktellz and Cocktails. Let’s clear a few things up. There are some dancers. They are also extras for other jobs such as taking the microphones out to the audience for the Q&A. They also act out a skit here and there. Their main dance is during the Rocky Horror segment where they play the video that Meat was in while they dance. It is video, no audio. Meat’s band plays and meat sings…not lip sync. And the extras do dance in that situation which seemed appropriate.

    I like Meatloaf, but to be critical, there are some flaws. He doesn’t have the voice he had 30 years ago when he had a hell of a vocal range. I can understand the critics that say he doesn’t reach all the high notes. He doesn’t sing with the same cadence and his challenge/response with the female singers sometimes differs, and that makes it more difficult to sing along with. This adds more doubt to the lip sync allegation. Also, the Meatloaf gift shop is kinda weak. My final flaw was one that gets pretty mixed comments on. When someone asks a question and he goes to his iPad for pictures and videos, he doesn’t always completely answer the question, but he ALWAYS continues the answer with a segway into the next song. Sometimes that segway is pretty disjointed from the original question. Overall, it was very interesting. I think the Meatloaf fans got a lot more out of it than younger folks and those that didn’t really care for Meat.

    OTOH, Wow, what a concept! Especially for old rockers that don’t get around as much as they used to and need a break after every song or two. Since there are no rules on how much Q&A, how much concert, or whatever, the possibilities are endless. It might be up to the imagination of the rocker as to how well the show works. I think the iPad connected to the big screen was a great idea. The stage is great because it is big and has a few runways going into the audience. There is a lot of potential here. It all depends on what star they bring in and what the star does. If it were someone from Wang Chung it could suck. If it were Jimmy Page, it would be awesome.

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