FHBM #453: Tim and Michele Tour Las Vegas Vol. 4

Las Vegas podcast #453 includes:

  • The Parkers opener
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Welcome to the final in a four-part series of special editions of Five Hundy by Midnight. On this show, your beloved hosts visit all of the Downtown Las Vegas casinos between on and near Fremont Street.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/11/14 77:43 min, 68.3 MB)

2 thoughts on “FHBM #453: Tim and Michele Tour Las Vegas Vol. 4

  1. LOVED listening to the 4-part series; I’m saving them to listen to again! Should be required listening for all people heading to LV for the first time! See you at The D 10/14!

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