FHBM #496: Smells Described, Soccer Explained

Las Vegas podcast #496 includes:

  • Diners, Drive-ins and Dives opener
  • Resorts World announces groundbreaking
  • Venetian hit with resort fee class action lawsuit
  • Celine announces August return
  • Suzanne Somers takes over Westgate
  • Planet Hollywood extends Dunham
  • Pawn Plaza names tenants
  • Hexx takes over Sugar Factory, smells like man sack
  • MGM Grand ruins West Wing Bar
  • Seersucker opens
  • Cafe Americano headed for Caesars Palace
  • Fremont East gets more restaurants
  • Heart Attack Grill films weight gain game show
  • The D adds more elevators
  • Our sponsor: Viator
  • 1987 Fremont Street video
  • Trip reviews and observations of The Cromwell, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Grand Bazaar Shops, Riviera, SLS and Downtown Grand
  • Listener calls about Flamingo, Sensi, Pizza Rock, Grand Bazaar Shops, Cosmopolitan, Penn and Teller, Yong Kang, Le Central Bar, Shake Shack, Four Queens, Downtown Grand, Eat, Wicked Spoon, Zombie Burlesque, Bazaar Meat, Binion’s, Gold Spike, SLS, The Linq, Hit Bar, M Resort, El Cortez, Main Street Station buffet, Triple George Grill, Julian Serrano, Gordon Ramsay and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “FHBM #496: Smells Described, Soccer Explained

  1. Are you going to update your FLICKR albums with the latest trip photos? I always enjoyed seeing the latest pictures from your most recent adventure.

  2. does including my blog address in the website line of this form negate the posting of my comment regarding the podcast? if it’s unwelcome to include such a thing in a line item on the form, as i did for a comment on 495, that would be helpful for a newbie like me to know.

    in the meantime i’ve started listening to the 10-year anniversary podcast as a way to sample what you’ve been doing for the past decade. when that’s done i’ll give a listen to 496… hopefully this week, although weather is going to be nice in minnesota, and it’s about time i take advantage of it!

  3. Tim and Michele,
    I saw you today and hope you take my suggestion seriously. I know that you put a lot into the anniversary show but with a name like 5 hundy by midnight you need a show dedicated to your 500th show. I know…..All things 500!

  4. I live in México and i love soccer i also loved the podcast but your commentary about soccer and third World countries is just uncalled for and completely ignorant because soccer started in europe and poor people playing its just a stereotype i know you dont care but that was the last fhbm podcast for me, take care

  5. Heading to Vegas in 27 days. It’s the guys annual golf trip and I’m so frickin excited. First of all the Mayweather/Pacquioa fight is going on that weekend. As well as the NFL draft, Cinco de mayo, Kentucky Derby, and the NBA playoffs. Staying at Ballys, Golden nugget, then Caesars. Love the show. And I grew up playing soccer and can’t wait for the next podcast.

  6. As a former collegiate soccer player, I loved the soccer commentary and analysis. And it made me love this show even more than I already do. In fact, I’m going to re-listen to it now. Love it!!!

  7. Thanks. I think most of the people who listen to the show know that most of my theories are nonsense I’m pulling from my ass. I’m glad you enjoyed my ridiculous musings about soccer.

  8. Yeah its so funny to call all countries that like soccer and are not European “shitty countries” love it!!

  9. I think youre great at what you do and i do enjoy the show, but i just dont see how stuff like shitty countries help or contribute to what the podcast is

  10. Not all of them are shitty… just those that can’t afford anything more than a single ball. I didn’t name specific countries. If you assume your country is one of the shitty ones, that’s on you. Why do you think your country is shitty?

  11. Much of what happens on the show is an off-the-cuff conversation. I frequently say whatever comes to mind at the time we’re talking. Some of it is outlandish nonsense. Often, those are the things that entertain people. Sometimes, those are the things that offend people. Being offended is a choice. If I filtered everything I said so nobody could offended, the show would be sterile and dull. It wouldn’t be fun to do, and it would have died years ago.

  12. I get what you say not everyone can be happy with the podcast but it was so Vegas unrelated that i dont see the point of that much hatred, Plus if baseball its so great and we dont practice it because we can afford it why the best mlb players come from the poorest countries of latín América like Dominicana, Cuba and Venezuela? And dont tell me they learn to play in the usa because that its not the case

  13. You said poor countries cant afford anything but a ball to play soccer well you didnt say poor you said shitty

  14. True. Thanks for supporting my statement that much of what I say is ridiculous. For the record, I do like baseball. But I also don’t care whether anyone else does. In fact, I can totally see why people think it’s boring as hell. I can also see how people could say the U.S. is shitty. There are plenty of shitty things about it. Again, I don’t care. Their feelings have no effect on my quality of life. Why bother getting offended?

  15. Regardless, whether or not you choose to continue listening, thanks for listening for however long you have. I’m glad you liked it for a while.

  16. I want to say Yeah for “outlandish nonsense” !!! I love the conversational tone of the show – it’s like spending a happy hour or so with Tim and Michele each week, where we mostly talk about Vegas. Mostly. The genuine nature of who you are really comes through and that’s why I look forward to the show every week and have for so many years. Your willingness to poke fun at everything, including yourselves, makes the show what it is. Keep it up !

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