Five Hundy by Midnight #358: A Carol Channing, Tatum O’Neal Comeback

Las Vegas podcast #358 includes:

  • Wedding Central opener
  • Imperial Palace will likely become The Quad
  • Monte Carlo has the worst buffet name ever
  • The D installs Sigma Derby
  • Plaza adds a resort fee
  • EA Sports lowers the bar
  • M Resort opens a beer bar
  • LVH extends Rich Little
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s exclusive Las Vegas July 4 package
  • Listener calls about Drink and Drag, Mob Bar, Golden Gate, Pop-Up Pizza, Border Grill, Holstein’s, Pepermill, Luxor, Absinthe and other stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 7/1/12 46:41 min, 43.4 MB)

6 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #358: A Carol Channing, Tatum O’Neal Comeback

  1. I think both Carol and Tater’ would be game for the fast paced lifestyle on the strip.

    Please make this into a real feature.

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  3. I’ll add another vote in favore of Border Grill. We had an excellent dinner there last week. We were in the mood for Mexican, SW etc., and were considering going back to Mesa Grill, whcih I think has good food but a pretty weak menu. Going to Border was a much better experience — highly recommend it.

  4. Yessss Border Grill! The drinks are amazing and the food is pretty stand up in terms of Mexican on the Strip. Love it. My new tradition is getting a plate to go and bringing it home on the plane to Canada to me. Half warm take out is still better than the crap we can get up here.

    Even typing that depresses me. 🙁

  5. Isn’t Border Grill the place that charges you for water? We’re spoiled for Tex-Mex in Houston so going to Vegas for TM is not usually on the agenda.

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