Five Hundy by Midnight #377: A Highly Curated Denim Bar

Las Vegas podcast #377 includes:

  • Piers Morgan On Las Vegas opener
  • Steve Wynn’s Funhouse can’t be worse than his sweater
  • SLS loves Fred Segal a lot
  • Imperial Palace is now The Quad
  • Recycled Percussion is moving to The Quad; bye bye Human Nature
  • Total Rewards tier requirements are rising on Jan. 1
  • Carmine’s is coming to Caesars
  • Excalibur expands its food court
  • Country Superstars closes, Purple Reign heads back to Hooters
  • Palms announces Scarlet, a tiny, expensive bar
  • Enter the Viator and Five Hundy holiday contest and win stuff
  • Dear Tim and Michele
  • Our sponsor, Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about Aria, American Fish, Canter’s Deli, Sirens of TI, Vince Neil, Peepshow, Circo, Javier’s, Du-Pars, Cafe Cortez, Eat, MyPoints, Gordon Ramsay Steak and other stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 11/25/12 69:03 min, 65.9 MB)

4 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #377: A Highly Curated Denim Bar

  1. The links in bullet point #2 aren’t working; internal 500 error.

    Love the show!

  2. I thought I’d flesh out my myVegas experience for kicks. Redemption of the prize couldn’t have been easier. I didn’t need to print anything out — just went to the mLife desk at Aria and gave them my code and I got a certificate for the sports bar (the pitcher was underwhelming only because that is the deadest sports bar. They don’t serve pitchers at the bar (!), so we had to sit in the dining area, which is more separate and personality-less).

    However, we ran into problems trying to use the Viva myVegas app. The idea is for you to scan QR codes (some of which are available on their Facebook page) at places in Vegas to get chances to spin the same wheel you get when you visit the myVegas game every day. We were at Monte Carlo at some point and decided to walk to NYNY, where there were supposedly QR codes stashed around the place. I went to the mLife desk to ask how I could find these, and the boothling had no idea; she called her manager who also had never heard of it and seemed to think me a little nuts. On the app, it said there was a code at Nine Fine Irishmen, so we went over there. We were there before it opened, but a hostess was there and she instantly knew what I was talking about. She said that the QR code appeared at the bottom of your receipt after you’d eaten there, and she thought that it was the same sort of thing at the NYNY bars owned by MGM. So, you can get extra spins of the wheel, but you have to, essentially, pay for them using this app.

    Sorry for the nerddom, but thought I’d give people a heads-up.

    PS: Heather also made us a shot that tasted exactly like a white gummi bear.

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